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Wave of Equity offers professional consulting services in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, organizational excellence, and leadership development. We specialize in helping organizations be intentional about how they train their team members, develop a productive work culture, and plan for the future. Wave of Equity is a thought partner that provides organizations with calculated approaches to training, strategic planning, and assessment.

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We are intentional and strategic in our approach to providing meaningful consulting for companies/organizations. We guide organizations through a process of critical self reflection to ensure we successfully implement a training program for staff and a strategic plan for the larger organization. To do this, we must ask critical questions that will lead said process. 

  1. What do we need to learn?

  2. Where are we? 

  3. Where do we want to be? 

  4. How do we get there? 

  5. Have we made it?

This process is an attempt to take inventory of the current climate within the organization, dream about where we want the climate to be, and develop strategies for how we intentionally develop that climate. This is arduous work. ​This work takes truth and sincerity. This is not easy and requires a significant investment of time and energy. However, organizations who make the investment reap incredible rewards. An intentional process such as the one that is described here has the potential to radically change an organization for the better and position it as a beacon of excellence.

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